I Once Was Blind But Now I See

In October 2011, the story of a blind hairdresser called Salvin Okinda Mandu was featured on one of Kenya’s national broadcasting stations, Citizen TV. Salvin lost her eyesight in 2003 when she was only nine years old.
One morning, she was woken up to go to school as usual, but when she opened her eyes, she could not see anything. She thought that it was still dark and told her brother Movim, “The world has really changed. How come you are telling me to wake up and go to school yet it is dark?” Her father heard this and tested her by throwing a pencil at her, but she could not see it. She told them that she could not see anything in the room. That is when it dawned on them that something was wrong.
Salvin was taken to eye specialists to see whether her eyesight could be restored, but it was of no use. At one time, the doctors operated on her and gave her a new lens, but when her mother sent her to the shop to test whether she could see, Salvin bumped into a window and broke the lens. This caused her left eye to turn white and begin to cause her headaches.
From that time onwards, Salvin’s life changed completely. She now had to get used to life without eyes and had to rely on a guide to find her way around. She was also forced to forget her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.
However, Salvin did not give up on life. She learnt how to plait hair and began to work alongside her mother who is also a skilled hairdresser. When she was interviewed by Judy Kosgei, the presenter of Citizen TV’s Your Story show, one could not help but marvel at how this 17 year old girl had risen above the situation to turn her test into a testimony. She displayed her impeccable hairdressing skills before the camera, inspiring viewers throughout the country.
Now, nine years after the tragic incident, Salvin has a different story to tell. She attended an end-of-year Christian revival meeting held in Kenya’s Kisumu County from 30th December 2011 to 1st January 2012, and was healed of her blindness. She can now see clearly and is a living testimony that Jesus Christ is indeed The Lord Our Healer.
Here are the pictures and videos of the glorious testimony:
Salvin, the blind hairdresser, in their house at the beginning of the Citizen TV interview

Salvin’s mother leads her to the site of the interview

Salvin’s mother helps her to sit down

Salvin narrates her story to Judy Kosgei of Citizen TV

Salvin’s blind eyes. The left eye turned white when the new lens broke inside it

Salvin’s mother, who is now a widow, tells of her grief
An old photograph of Salvin as a child
A receipt from the Kikuyu Eye Hospital
A sheet of paper showing the eye hospital’s opening hours and charges
The blind Salvin feels journalist Judy Kosgei’s hair
Salvin plaits a client’s hair

Judy Kosgei concludes the inspiring interview

Prophet Dr. Edward David Owuor announces that God has promised to heal many diseases, including blind eyes, during the 2011 end-year meeting

The historic revival meeting held at the Moi Stadium in Kisumu
Prophet Dr. Edward David Owuor prays for the blind during the meeting
Many people are touched by God during the meeting

The documentary of Salvin after her healing
Salvin gives the testimony of her healing
Salvin’s neighbour testifies that she was with her in the stadium when Salvin suddenly began to see and identify things

Salvin demonstrates that she can now see by picking a chair, carrying it towards the tent and sitting on it

Salvin demonstrates her healing by imitating a pastor’s movements

A pastor glorifies The Lord God Almighty for the healing

Glory be to the Almighty God! He surely opened Salvin's blind eyes. There is none like Him! May His name continue to be glorified as people from all over the world once again gather in Kisumu for this year’s end-of-year meeting that God has promised to visit in an even more glorious way. (Note: The meeting will also be broadcast live on www.jesusislordradio.info, and many people are always healed and blessed just by listening and believing).



  2. Amen; God is still healing and performing miracles. And so many people need a miraculous touch from the Lord today.


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